With communication being so instrumental in dealing with the rapid changes brought on by technology, understanding and application seem more difficult to connect than first thought. Soon we are going to have three perceptions on technology to deal with as we move forward in the 21st century.

The generations that inspired and created the tech (Traditional and Boomers), the generations that fashioned the technology into amazing advances moving at unprecedented speeds (GenX and Millennials) and very soon we are going to bear witness to what the generation that has gained mastery over technology is going to do with what they have to work with (GenZ).

Now more than ever before it is imperative to build a bridge of understanding between generations. Coordination requires agreement upon fundamentals in order to be implemented effectively. From a Boomer standpoint Millennials have brought disruption into the workplace but from a Millennial Advocate standpoint this is a good thing and will be of benefit for many years to come.

Having interviewed hundreds of Millennials that are in and out of school I have found that there are many causes of their outlook upon education, work, and quality of life in general. Finding themselves unable to communicate in a similar fashion of generations past they become frustrated with the unwillingness of their older peers to adjust to a format more suitable to their understanding.

Communication seems like a simple skill to pass along or teach to others, however with the difference in the generations in the workplace today it has proven to be more challenging than it should be. We must come to grips that we live in the digital age and must adapt to build relationships in a new way; which can be equally friendly and professional with the right format.

Fortunately seventy percent of us are visual learners from any generation and we must prepare ourselves for an upcoming generation that has never been without either a smartphone or YouTube.

From the limited sampling of this new generation that I have seen to date, there is no question about their drive, ambition, and capability! Millennials were tech-native, GenZ is tech-adept and have been watching and learning from those that have preceded them into post-secondary education and the workplace.

I strongly suspect that they will test their limitations and prove to be practically unstoppable once they put their mind to finding a solution.