Now that your Millennial hire has had an opportunity to settle in with your company and acclimate to your culture, are they ready for the next step? According to them they were ready for a management opportunity when they walked in the door. As a manager you are always looking for the next generation of talent, especially in your own organization.

Ambition is just not enough.

It requires different skills to manage than to be an individual contributor. However displaying good characteristics of being an effective team player is a great place to start. Learning to work with, share, implement and formulate strategies as a part of a successful team warrants acknowledgement from those evaluating potential to lead. Being confident in your own ability is certainly a step in the right direction, but it must be displayed in such a way that others can properly gauge your interest as to where you are going. One must display that they possess the right motivation to want to lead which involves a desire to coach others as well. At some point experience has to be combined with desire in order to display a propensity for growth.

A proper baseline must be established to evaluate management skills.

If you want to be considered a viable candidate for consideration for a management opportunity, one must have a firm understanding of the organization. You must determine the culture, the needs, and the direction in which it is going down the road. We live in the digital age and companies are seeking agile learners that can rapidly access the existing  trends and respond accordingly. In other words one must be able to see the big picture and think systematically and properly prioritize what the group should be working on. In order to be successful one must seek opinions from others, observe, listen, and cultivate top notch people skills such as empathy and self-knowledge. You must have faith in yourself otherwise you will be unable to convince others to follow your direction.