So much has changed since I was last here!

What a striking contrast as I revisited former schools I had attended in a different state from what I remember and what the academic climate seems to be today. In retrospect my chief takeaway was that I had been ascribing to the vision at Logan college since my graduation in 1983.

I had grown used to what I experience each time I return to the schools I graduated from in Tennessee. Union University was kind enough to accept a copy of my book into their new library on campus (The Logos). They also invited me to be an alumni judge for the National Christian Home School Speech and Debate competition or NITOC.

I was awarded a plaque during the Spring Conference at Dyersburg State Community College as one of two Outstanding Alumni for 2017. Very grateful and humbled to receive such a prestigious award. They too have a copy of my book in their library.

In September I had reached out to the schools in Illinois to humbly request the opportunity to donate a copy of my book to their libraries as well. After a couple of weeks all were amendable to my request and invited me to come visit.

I was a bit curious as to why I had to have a timeframe to visit my former high school but found out upon arrival that I had to “buzz in” to gain entry. I thought to myself perhaps “Mayberry” had changed since I was there in the early to mid-seventies. Once I was shown to the library I had a great conversation with those on staff as they gladly received my book.

My next stop was Southeastern Illinois College in Harrisburg IL. I had went there for a short time in the seventies but did not graduate. Had a fantastic talk with the librarian that had been there many years as we reminisced about a simpler time and the subsequent challenges faced by educators today.  I spoke with students and the atmosphere was almost like I had revisited in the seventies.

I was encouraged, enjoyed my visit as the students and staff agreed that a Millennial Advocate was much-needed to bridge the gap of understanding between the generations.

Encouraged by the visit at SIC I was initially glad I had saved John A. Logan college for the last one to be revisited on my nostalgia tour. The campus had grown but the building housing the library was very familiar to me, and brought back memories as this was the first college I was to graduate from; but would not be the last.

I graduated in 1983 and it seemed I had returned in “1984” as there were surveillance cameras everywhere I looked and everywhere I went while on campus. I seemed to be the only one concerned as I spoke with some students and staff members that simply stated; they were there for safety purposes for faculty, students, and staff.

What a difference time has made to that institution as I was eager to get back to Tennessee where the administrators are not quite as covert in showing appreciation for students, faculty, and staff.