I recently had the honor and great privilege to be selected to judge a National Speech competition at Union University in Jackson Tennessee. This was no easy task as all the speakers were well rehearsed and polished in order to make it to the finals competition.

I gained a greater appreciation for the dedication and encouragement offered by the parents of these home schooled students as well as their focus and determination to achieve what they set out to accomplish.

I have been a mentor with Tennessee Promise since its inception and conversed with other home schooled students but none that were as refined as the contestants in the NITOC competition.

I have allowed my blog to suffer from lack of posts this past month but I have been actively engaging with educators and students graduating from both Community college and Universities. You can gain some great information from both graduates and educators at this time of the year.

From graduating students because they are relieved that they have achieved their goal of obtaining a diploma from a post secondary academic institution. For some it means pursuit of a gainful career in their field of concentration and for others continuing onward in the academic arena.

In the state of Tennessee between 50-59% of students that earn a Bachelor’s degree have graduated from a Community College first. From the University perspective many are considering the pursuit of an MBA in order to enhance their resume as they pursue career objectives.

When I came across this article I could relate in so many ways as it pertains to what this gentleman wishes he knew when he graduated in 2003.

I found myself grappling with the same issues ten years later as I received my diploma from a prestigious university in 2013 and I graduated with honors!

Be ready and be prepared to continue to learn as you go as life not only comes at you fast but it goes by fast!