The sun still rose the morning after the late evening election results had been processed. The pundits were astonished and history was made indicating that our nation and certainly our traditional election process will never be the same as the Millennial nation makes its presence known.

Millennials make an unmistakable impact!

As one candidate relied primarily upon the mainstream media with satellite and television media outlets to promote the campaign’s message. The opponent chose to utilize the benefits provided by social media in order to gain the attention of a young audience that was relatively new to the election process. In hindsight I trust that the pollsters and political experts are beginning to understand that the millennial generation is quite capable of doing their own fact checking and resist being bundled into a stereotype of expert design.

“Analytics inadequate in predicting outcome.”

With the introduction of the iPhone in 2007, the way in which information was transmitted was forever changed and was bound to alter the course of history. The Millennial generation is not only the first tech native generation they are also the best informed generation in the history of our nation.

photo-1427751840561-9852520f8ce8[1]We are not moving into the digital age, we are in the digital age. The Millennials understand this and are almost daily finding new ways to creatively innovate applications to any surrounding they are involved with. Millennials reject labels but show great enthusiasm for causes that interest them. This is why Bernie Sanders was able to garner such support from Millennials for his primary bid as one of his talking points was free tuition.

Traditionalists (born 1925-1945) were known for their legacy. Baby Boomers (1946-1964) were commended for their hard work. Generation X (1965-1981) were credited initially for balance. They soon became prone to skepticism as many of the established institutions went through dramatic changes as they grew up. Clearly, as evidenced by this past election, the candidate that is able to appeal to generational diversity will be more likely to prevail in the election.