Making Workplace Generational Diversity a Strength

Is your company struggling to recruit, engage, and keep millennials? You are not the only ones. If your workplace was able to become a leader in engaging with millennials, what would that mean for your company’s future? Retention rates? Bottom line?

Engaging with Millennials is an investment in your company’s future. Don Polley and Associates can help you engage with millennials through a few different ways:

College and Career Coaching for Millenials

Lets work together to bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be.  Put the Don Polley Experience to work for you: Innovative–Collaborative–Effective!

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Generational Diversity Consulting 1 on 1

One on One Consulting

Millennials look for different things in life generally than Boomers do. An understanding of this difference is key to engaging Millennials in your workplace. With a consulting package from Don Polley and Associates we will come and spend time with your team helping them to build bridges to the millennials by:

  • Evaluating the current workplace culture
  • Spending time with the Human Resources team to examine recruitment and benefit structures
  • Meet one on one with Senior Leadership to explore where the company’s strengths and weaknesses are in working with Millennials.
  • Deliver a set of written recommendations for the company to make the workplace more millennial friendly
  • Two follow up calls, 3 and 6 months to help ensure implementation and answer questions from your team
Generational Diversity Consulting 1 on 1

Group Consulting

In an afternoon you can improve your appeal to millennials. Don Polley and Associates will come and do a presentation to the leadership team of your organization to help you to become attractive to millennials. During the afternoon you will learn:

  • About the millennial mindset
  • Tools and techniques to engage with millennials
  • Specific ways to help improve your company bridge to Millennials
Generational Diversity Consulting Group

Bridging the Gap Seminars

A key to building a bridge between the generations present in the workplace is to build understanding. Don Polley and Associates can come to your workplace and share a presentations with employees from every level:

  • Building understanding between the groups
  • Sharing the different mindsets between the generations
  • Giving a place where employees and leadership can communicate clearly
  • Small groups or large groups, we can speak to your entire workforce over a few days
Generational Diversity Workplace Consulting