Get A Handle On Your Future Today!

The future seemed so far away just a few years ago when you began your post-secondary academic journey. Many things seemed new and unsettling as you began to gather yourself to move forward in your pursuits.

Initially you began to convince yourself that if you stayed busy it would enable you to stay focused on your objective. At some point you may have discovered that staying busy just to be busy was somewhat unproductive. Had you learned what to get involved in to not only keep you busy but sharpen your skills.

There is so much that you need to learn that you cannot get from a textbook and can only scratch the surface in even the best of classroom settings. Millennials have so many resources from which to research to validate their plans; it is a marvel that so many veer of course after graduation.

Surprisingly finding purpose weighs on students just as heavily today as it did in past generations. Perhaps more so as students today have instant access to so much information. Unfortunately for them Google does not supply all the answers, while the smartphone falls short on supplying life experiences as well as the application of applying wisdom to your life.

Why Are So Many Millennials Unprepared?

Gallup sorted on those college grads who rated their lives the highest and found 6 emotional and experiential opportunities for students that predict a likelihood to have a better job and a better life.

They seemed like fairly obvious opportunities.  But when Gallup asked what percentage of college grads were actually having those experiences…Only 3% landed on all six.

In short, 97% of Millennials entering the workforce today haven’t received the career coaching needed to empower them to take control of their professional future. This trend has to change as Millennials don’t seek coaching, they expect it.