Let’s Go!

Once again I am compelled to share some insights to those about to embark upon successful careers and change the world! Please be mindful that where you have been (college) is simply a springboard for where you are going.


I am continually impressed with the overwhelming optimism displayed by Millennials as they prepare to take the plunge into the next phase of their careers and learn what it takes to succeed!

The first piece of advise that I humbly offer is a list of things that successful people do not reveal about themselves at work. Many items on the list are just common sense but it never hurts to review and remember.

The next piece of advise that I would recommend is to be attentive to the type of leadership that is displayed where you have decided to begin your journey. The old adage of “get in where you fit in” sounds good but only you can determine whether or not you feel like you belong.

You can only have a sense of meaning if you feel that you are competent at what you do and it is understood that you are worthy of your selection to the team for accomplishing the task at hand.

Establish a line of communication with your peers in order to properly ascertain the culture to ensure maximum growth potential. Make yourself available and don’t be afraid to embrace challenges. 

Lastly and perhaps most importantly is to accept accountability for your own actions. There are no sprints in excellence so take the time to do it right the first time. A good reputation will serve you well all throughout the course of your career.

In order to achieve success one must develop self-discipline which is something that must be mastered in order to develop success.