The Purpose Has Been Refined To Reflect The Times!

What once was considered functional way beyond its time is now regarded as no longer needed or necessary. In all reality what was useful yesterday is still in application today, just in a different format. We still check time and have many applications for the printed word. It is amazing how the smartphone of today utilizes the same premise as the typewriter and pocket watch!

Yesterday’s Tech Converges¬†With The Future!

This does not always go seamlessly in the workplace as the patience and experience of boomers clashes with the impatience of Millennials oftentimes creating friction and misunderstanding.


To reference a quote from George Orwell–“Each generation imagines itself to be more intelligent that the one that went before it, and wiser that the one that comes after it.”


Five generations are currently working together in the workplace for the first time in history. Generational tension can arise from an older worker working for a younger boss or if a younger worker finds it difficult to work for a more senior manager. Most of the conversation is about Boomers and Millennials but make no mistake Gen Xers are getting squeezed in the mix.

Cross generational approaches work if management can foster collaborative relationships that allow different generations to learn from each other and acquire new skills. Research bears out that Millennials are willing to be coached if mutual respect is fostered and cultured in the process.

The best approach to achieve harmony and enhance cooperation is to lose the labels and treat employees as people and not age groups. Having a diverse generational workforce gives your organization a deeper talent pool to offset challenges and fulfil organizational priorities. We are not moving into the digital age, we are in the digital age and by adopting a collaborative and respect- driven approach is the best way to get the most from your workforce!