Millennial leadership

The path of least resistance is always the easiest to follow!

I know I have used this one before but it emphasizes the message of this post. From the Millennial point of view the picture reflects their mindset. Boomers misconstrue this as being arrogant but if memory serves we were accused of the same thing when we burst on the scene!

Millennials do not need for us to get out of their way as they understand that they have much tacit knowledge to learn from us before we depart.

Therefore let us simply move over and make room as there is plenty of room for all at the table and very soon yet another generation is going to enter the mix!

With that in mind now it the time to forge relationships that will bridge the generational divide and clarify understanding to ease the transition as we must work together to build a bright future filled with more potential than ever before!

The key is communication which is at the core so any successful team, business venture, or operation. Those involved in leadership need to acknowledge that it is more important today to be a mentor as opposed to being a manager.

As I continue to interview Millennials both in and out of school I have a much better understanding of what they are looking for in life. I have also had occasion to speak with students of the next generation to enter the workforce and they are very driven to achieve that which they desire.

From what I have discerned they are not simply optimistic they are confident in their abilities and have had an entire generation before them not only display but encourage and make them comfortable with technology.