With the graduating class of millennials about to enter the workplace, let us consider at least providing a path for them to navigate as they move forward. They have never known a time where they could not Google, they are tech native and ready to embrace the challenges that lie before them.  They know how to get things done quickly, effectively, and according to plan.  The generation that is responsible for determining hiring responsibilities is oftentimes out of touch with where this generation has come from and how they think and respond to stimulus and integration into corporate culture.  Celebrate what makes us different and embrace the change and marvel at how they go about getting things done faster and more efficiently than ever before.  As boomers let us be mindful that we were once young too and oftentimes we did not elect to choose the path easiest to follow as we pressed forward in our careers.

photo-1444117002436-be442e10757e[1]Millennials Need Clarity Of Purpose.

We have been there and know how to make a plan come together.  Initially we surveyed the landscape of business to determine which direction was best.  The person you hire today may very well be the leader you will need in a position of authority tomorrow.  Consider that millennials are very adept in utilizing Social Media and they may have a friend that would be a perfect fit for an existing opportunity with your company.  The time to act on these issues is now, this is why an understanding of generational diversity is so vitally important in the generational workplace of today. Just as our generation desired opportunity, direction, and inspiration to innovate, create, and change the world into a better place. The least we can do for Millennials is add clarity to the direction in which they should follow and step aside and watch how they create their path to the future