With so many places to go getting it right can be an effort.

Information is necessary in order to make the best decision or a wise choice. What to regard as the best information takes practice. Once upon a time it was easy to stay on top of the news of the day as it was condensed in one source which we referred to as a newspaper. Reporters were held accountable to be  right with their facts by editors. Editors were held accountable by the news services.

Most of our papers today are either going electronic or are blended for the benefit of those of us as yet unwilling to turn loose of our paper copy. However, as always advertising drives the content or the quantity of news produced. Thankfully editing still has an impact on the quality of what is produced.

Unfortunately these guidelines only apply to what is perceived as being the printed press e.g. magazines, journals, newspapers, etc. Information garnered from such sources can be referred to as being reliable sources.

The worldwide web has expanded the base and redefined what is considered to be “right.”

My business dictates that I purvey a variety of sources from which to glean information to substantiate my talking points. For me anyway, blogs do not always pass muster in regards to conveying the facts. Fortunately there are a large variety of sound resources available from which to gain information.

I came across an interesting article that spoke about a mindset powerful enough to insure success. This is the type of approach one must have in order to gain the right type of information to utilize to complete a project or task. Millennials generally excel in this type of information gathering as this is one area in which they have a wealth of experience.

Understanding the Millennial mindset is the key to developing the leaders of tomorrow and who better to mentor them than the leaders of today!