There is a gap between what Millennials learn in college and the expectations assigned to them entering into the workplace. This is partly due to the lack of experienced teachers to apply the changes in curriculum to reflect the current trends and needs in business. This is why there is such a  need for bridging the gap of understanding between Boomers and Millennials in the workplace. It is necessary to manage generational diversity to blend it into a driving force to move towards tomorrow. Boomers must understand that many of the skills Millennials bring, did not exist when we entered the workplace many years ago. We need to celebrate their success in graduating and refocus their drive and ambition into improving and building upon the culture of the business world they are stepping into.

Now its our turn to change the world!

Leading for tomorrow.

Let Us Provide Millennials An Opportunity To Show Us What They Can Do!

When we entered the workforce years ago, we did not mind working we just preferred to work smart as opposed to working hard. Our generation redefined the future in how work was to be done in addition to modifying the skills necessary in order to get it done. Unfortunately underemployment will exist until which time that Millenials close the supposed skills gap that currently exists in the workplace today. Our generation needs to mentor, encourage, and inspire Millenials to change the face of business and leave their imprint upon the world as we did.  The  world is a better place due in large part by the advances made by our generation. Lets  watch and see how much better it can be once they have their chance to restore the balance they desire and pave the way for the next generation, which is not far behind.