Millennial leadership

The path of least resistance is always the easiest to follow!

Sometimes the best way to gain experience in leadership is through hindsight! As I move forward in my business I realize that I need to step back and remember what a challenge it was to move up the ladder to success.

Empathy is a powerful tool to have in your repertoire as you find yourself in many circumstances where sound judgement is required and there is no time to do research of all the facts to formulate a decision.

This takes a certain degree of boldness on the part of the leader and pulls heavily upon the confidence gained over making many such decisions in the past.

The leaders of tomorrow are agile thinkers and can process information so much quicker than I can.  It has been a challenge for me to get them to understand that in order to achieve maximum effectiveness, they must be able to manage the “noise” so as to produce the best outcomes of their decisions. I had to learn similar lessons in the past but not at the rapid pace that exists in today’s business world.

The numbers are somewhat misleading but there seems to be a great deal of misinformation and stereotypes floating around causing a swirl of negativity to hamper Millennials as they aspire break into a leadership role.

Finally I would like to leave you with some sage advice or words of wisdom as you begin to face the challenges presented at this juncture in your life. Excellence is not a sprint as life happens one day at a time no matter what age you are or what career path currently being pursued. Learn to celebrate the moments of your life and learn to appreciate success.