As I reconnected with many of those I had been influenced by prior to and after the ceremonial ribbon cutting celebration for the new School of Adult and Professional Studies. I realized what a tremendous privilege it was to have been a part of the success that has enabled Union University to move forward and better serve the Adult Continuing Education students.

It helped me to better understand the significance of my purpose to enable students to overcome challenges both academically and in their respective careers.

Where I seen myself in four years after I graduated from Union University and where I am today would be far from a “straight” line to connect the dots. Despite that inconsistency I could not have attained the drive and desire necessary to achieve the objectives I have set out to accomplish in my business without that experience.

Perception is what you experience while you are still in the moment. Perspective is what you gain as you get the opportunity to see how far you have come!

Tennessee is moving in the right direction with its emphasis upon education and the nation is beginning to pay attention to what we have going on in the Volunteer State!

When considering your options it is best to do your research in order to determine if one option is better for you than another alternative. It is your future so it begs due diligence as you come to a rational realization as to which pathway is more suitable for you.

I graduated just four short years ago utilizing my best personal analysis as to determine the best option available as my career path was shortened considerably due to my age.

As it turned out my intentions were spot on; but the information I had relied upon to make my decision was based upon my past experiences. I soon came to the realization that although my premise was somewhat outdated, I had made the proper choice!