You can’t get there from here so its time to step up to the challenge!

Graduate you have come too far to hold back now! Your future is not defined by what you have achieved in the past. Your reputation is forged upon how well you apply what you have learned to what you can accomplish moving forward.

Don’t get caught up in resting upon your laurels; use that confidence to propel you to the next step that you must take in order to succeed. There will be plenty of hurdles in your path so don’t feel the need to borrow trouble.

I have had years of experience in overcoming challenges both at work and at home. It is no easy task maintaining an acceptable work/life balance as you move through the course of your life. A small tidbit of wisdom from an accomplished Boomer that has been there and done that!

I would strongly recommend that you not do what I have been guilty of doing in the past and not getting in your own way. Graduate I urge you to seek out and request the wisdom, input, and guidance from those that have expertise and acknowledge their accomplishments. Cultivating this skill will serve you well all throughout your career.

Now comes the really helpful advice that I have to offer from the hundreds of Millennials that I have interviewed over the past year. Please allow me to reiterate that I have been where you are now and have witnessed both past and present trends and their impact. You can imagine my surprise when I learned that there is now a “Quarter Life Crisis.” I find as I move forward in my life and professional career that I have truly not seen it all! I am convinced more today than ever before that I am an Old Millennial!