Leading the generation across the shore.

Leading the way for  the next generation.

Finally the generational workplace is trending! For months now I have been talking about generational diversity and its subsequent impact in the workplace. Having dealt with the challenges that come from an improper understanding of the inherent mindset of those from a previous or past generation, I have learned to develop tools and resources that have enabled me to turn the challenges into a valuable resource throughout the course of my career.  It is vitally important today that companies learn to pass along tacit knowledge and the ability to learn from others face to face, as well as in networks. Millennials are very adept in learning from the latter, however they require a degree of patience and understanding in learning how to respond to learning face to face. In essence those of us in the leading side of the spectrum must be able to learn, unlearn, and relearn in order to communicate ideas in a way that is mutually beneficial in order to  be effective in the generational workplace.

Most of us are visual learners.

For most of us who are boomers we were taught to use rote and memorization, in other words we prefer our notes to be on paper. Millennials on the other hand prefer tablets or mobile devices to convey ideas and expectations in a way that they can process and understand. They expect workplaces to accommodate their highly positive views of technology. I did not realize what a tremendous tool a smartphone could be until I obtained my first iPhone and it has become indispensable in the way in which I do business. Millennials expect to be coached and mentored but they want their innovative ideas to be recognized and rewarded.  The only way those of us that are leading are going to be able to successfully accomplish our goal is to understand the mindset and the technology of the next generation or Millennials.  For more information about the generational shift, download the ADP Research Institute® study: Evolution of Work: The Changing Nature of the Global Workplace.