The hype in college begins from day one; the brand, the concentration or major, your pathway to success, and the potential payoff upon completion!

A lot is riding on your shoulders and it is up to you to sort through what is factual for you and what is fictional for you. Sometimes it seems that survival is the best you can hope to accomplish as you move forward.

#Know Your Worth

Here are some simple facts to consider as you ride the rapids of your academic career. A study conducted by the Job Applicator Center reported that 91% of Millennials find the post-grad job search difficult.

The survey also found that  only 41% of Millennials expected to be in their current job for two years or less. Are you paying attention to this HR?

According to Millennials employers are recruiting skilled workers to fill even entry-level positions, often overlooking the potential of recent graduates. On the plus side the Class of 2016 could claim a higher salary threshold than grads from recent years. This was especially true for graduates in STEM fields.

Don’t Believe The Hype

Here are some facts to consider; one out of every three in the workforce are Millennials. In a good workplace there are four elements that will apply not only to Millennials, but also to those that manage them. You must be (or learn to be) a master of action. Secondly you must be an agent of change (yes the Millennial will create some disruption).  Third you must be (or learn to be) a practical contributor. And lastly and most importantly you must be a constant learner. Millennial just because you are a graduate don’t think you no longer need to study and learn.

Do your research and find the right opportunity to suit your goals and needs in life and career. Get in where you fit in and know the difference!