Millennials slow your roll and Pay Attention!

When we are young we have a natural tendency to want to move full speed ahead in achieving our objectives. We find that at a distance things look different the closer we are to our goals. Caution is a virtue that takes time and effort to develop properly. We accomplish this primarily by learning to pay attention to detail.


Full speed ahead!

Seems like a good plan but if you take the time to accept coaching or mentoring from those that have gone before you it will soon become clear that not only are you not alone, but you are not the first to go through a rite of passage.

Fortunately for you times are changing and companies are learning to value more and more what you have to offer. HR is beginning to analyze the data of the most recent trends in the workplace and starting to pay attention to the results.

Retention and turnover tops the list of concerns for HR as they are beginning to understand that a human workplace is a must if they are to reverse current trends. Another top concern is that there is a need for more coaches and not managers in regards to performance management metrics. According to a recent survey by SHRM/Globoforce on employee recognition; 45% said coaching was “very important,” and 93% responded that managers need more training. Help is available to assist with training in managing generational diversity.

Millennials are not alone.

Older users are beginning to like checking information on our smartphones. Just because Boomers were not born tech-native does not mean that they cannot become tech savvy. Boomers are resilient and have learned to adapt in order to prosper in whatever circumstances they have encountered. Even though those age 50 and up spend twice as much time on a desktop/laptop as opposed to those 18-34. They check over 75% of their Social media on a smartphone or tablet.