Two of the most pphoto-1416269196238-b302e809344d Destinations 4-1-16 for blog postressing issues facing business leaders today is employee engagement and how to attract and retain millennials.  I suggest that these two issues are related and can be put in proper perspective with a working understanding of generational diversity and its impact in the workplace.  Communication is the bedrock of any company culture in order to properly convey the corporate vision and mission statement.  In order to do this in a way to attract millennials into the workplace environment, a company needs to draft an employer value statement that will resonate with their generation.  In order to accomplish this there needs to be an understanding of how to relate to the needs and desires of the desired millennial candidates and make sure that the boomers that are in decision making areas of the organization are on board with their needs and expectations.

“Millennials Want Opportunity To Grow and Prosper.”

It is not enough to simply provide a platform, we must inspire and encourage others to share their ideas, especially for the Millennials so that they have the confidence to feel as though they are a vital part of the team.  It is imperative that boomers such as myself find creative ways in which to pass along our wisdom and tacit knowledge to Millennials that are the next generation of change and promise for the future.  In essence Millennials are twins of our younger selves, give your senior staff the opportunity to leave a legacy and inspire the next generation to achieve their potential.  There is a concern that some leaders and HR people are somewhat unwilling to seem less than professional by warming up and humanizing their internal communication approach.  This is where if given the opportunity, Don Polley and Associates can work with your leadership team to show them how to create the energy field to enable collaboration and innovation which are the very elements that power your company forward.  Contact us for a free consultation and let us help.