Determine to Learn

Be Unstoppable!

Educators know this is the first step in obtaining a successful career. Desire to learn is the special ingredient that every educator requires in order to accomplish their goal of equipping students with what they need to move forward in life.

Parents play a vitally important role in enabling teachers to succeed with their children’s academic pursuits. Encouragement begins at home as a positive attitude will go far in overcoming obstacles students face as they learn how to overcome challenges.

When as parents and adults we consider the weight that we are placing upon not only our educators, but also upon our young people growing up in the society that is laid out before them; how can we not see that they will require guidance, direction, and support. 

The first step of the solution is seemingly simple; teach children to read. If this is done and encouraged at an early age, then teachers simply have to augment the skills already introduced and from K-3 children are taught how to read.

Simple enough, and then from the fourth grade on children can be instructed as to how to learn by reading. Learning how to write and write well is another element that is vitally important to a successful academic career.

Good educators know how to make learning fun, interesting, and life impacting all in the same setting. Based upon my previous experiences there is no substitute for hands on or classroom teaching. Virtual offerings definitely have their respective place but lack the capacity to inspire spontaneous creativity which can be done in a classroom setting.

The workplace of tomorrow is being crafted today as Millennials are making us better leaders. In the 21st Century cognitive abilities are replacing physical skills and will reshape our concept of what we call work over the years to come. Education can and will adapt to the coming trends to equip our next-Gen leaders with the necessary skills to prosper and thrive.