One of the good things about having your own blog is that you get to pick out the topics upon which to comment. I strive to utilize current topics of interest to my audience that will add value and be a worthwhile investment of time to read.

This is what I offer to anyone that I do business with and have every intention of delivering value to the best of my ability as I strive to close the skills gap one student at a time.

I hail from a different era as my initial plunge into the workforce was in the mid-seventies. My mentors valued quality, craftsmanship, and a firm belief that value was a byproduct of doing a job the right way the first time and every time thereafter. Certainly not a bad place to start but definitely something that could be improved upon to meet the needs of my generation.

I learned that value could be perceived in many different ways but could always find application when paired with money. My generation certainly had an infatuation with money that time and circumstance taught most of us how to restrain as we grew older and wiser.

Having learned a lesson regarding hard work from our mentors, boomers began to understand that knowledge was the key to opening up the door to success as we pursued career objectives.

We understood the value of education as it opened doors of opportunity for those that obtained degrees to be able to improve significantly the overall quality of their lives for themselves and their families.

Unfortunately for many that meant both parents working and having to work and go to school in order to make ends meet on payday. Boomers prescribed to the “can-do” philosophy which led to the era of the “latch-key kid.”

Millennials were the first tech native generation but Boomers were the first TV generation which contributed to how it evolved to pacify the home alone children that required entertainment in lieu of parental guidance.

The perception of value was changing once again as just with Boomers and their value choices in music with their parents; so it was with the GenXers and choices of what to watch and how to utilize TV.

Acronyms began popping up to describe things such a MTV, UHF, ET, RAM, HBO, and Nintendo was to become a household names. Technology was stating to gain in value and tech careers meant prosperity for geeks, nerds, and eclectics both in society and in our schools.

Education was becoming both hip and cool as well as a springboard for making dreams come true as our nation was entering into a time of peace and prosperity.

Jobs that required education or certification were of value especially in finance, real estate, and technology. Boomers had built up Y2K as being an eventĀ  which never lived up to the hype. This helped to usher in the era of the .com which would once again change the definition of value across the nation and the world.

Then there was to take place an event which would shape the perception of value for a generation as out nation and the world changed on 9-11-2001.

Just as NASA and the space race of the 60’s had ushered in an era of opportunity and desire to accomplish that which had never been done before through advances in technology and science. The emphasis upon digital surveillance would forever alter the way things would be done in the 21st century. The value placed upon technology would evolve exponentially once again!

This is a positive step and requires a combined effort from all generations to work together to build a better tomorrow. Dispel the myths and work with that which is most important; properly assessing and defining the meaning of value.