Career Development

Communication is not an option!

Now that the last of the generation known as the Millennials, has either graduated or still involved in some form of post-secondary education for those choosing the academic pathway. Unfortunately for many communication has proven to be somewhat of a “mixed bag” for them.

To pursue a little deeper there are a variety of contributing factors that have led to misunderstanding and disappointment for many Millennials.

For those who like to review the numbers here are some chilling details that should give you momentary pause: according to a Pew study young adults living with a parent is the most common living arrangement for the first time in 130 years. The average salary of a Millennial is 20% less than what their parents made at the same age. According to The Washington Post only 27% of college grads had a job related to their major!

I have personally interviewed around 1000 Millennials at varying stages of their careers both academically and post graduation and concur that only 3 out of 10 are working in their field of concentration.

Sadly communication or a lack thereof has contributed to the disparity in the numbers. This was somewhat surprising to me as Millennials have access to so much information online, which I think contributes to the problem.

This is why mentoring is so vitally important as Boomers are exiting the workplace in significant numbers each year and need the opportunity to pass on face to face communication skills to a generation that prefers texting over conversation.

Disengagement and underemployment are by-products of the inability to share both experiences and information in such a way as to enable Millennials to be able to reinvent themselves as needed in order to prosper in the digital age.

Educators are beginning to take note and adjust their approach to better equip our future for the task at hand.