Encouraging customer service!

As I traveled out-of-town over the New Year I was very encouraged by an incident that occurred on my return flight from St. Louis on January 2nd.

I am certainly not a frequent flier but an encourager of others and endeavor to put a positive spin on any circumstance I may be a part of.

Having checked my bag initially I began the process of finding my gate and going through inspection prior to boarding even on a single prop plane to Jackson Tennessee.

As always I initiated conversation with those I came into contact with regarding their educational experiences and found out that the same situation occurred for those in the city as for those in the more rural areas. They had started school but for a variety of reasons dropped out and did not pursue further.

I noted that most of the security staff appeared to be of my generation but very capable at the tasks assigned. Not quite as exuberant as the staff where I had obtained my boarding pass but efficient all the same. They did not seem to distressed by numbers or the grumbling from some of those in line. Part of the job I suppose.

It pays to keep up with changes when you travel as we now live in the digital age and there is so much that most of us are expected to know before we go anywhere by any means. The younger generations realize that much more clearly than the older generations do.

This brings me back to my initial point regarding customer service. Automation offers little to no recourse if you have a problem whereas a human can and often will respond with compassion for your circumstance.

I was unable to take a pocket knife I had owned for many years through security. However I was allowed to take it back to where I had checked my luggage in to put in my bag to place in the baggage compartment of the plane. I was told I would have to go through security again but I should have time to catch my flight.

I was encouraged by the willingness of the lady at the ticket counter to assist me in my dilemma as she said she could not put it into my luggage at it had already been loaded on the plane. We discussed options and she agreed to mail it to me in Tennessee which undoubtedly earned my business with the carrier as well as a forthcoming nice tip if she is on staff next time I come to town.

I have resolved to promote a spirit of gratitude in 2018 in all aspects of my dealings with others and strive to be as encouraging as possible to fit the situation. When you start your year on the right foot it becomes easier to move in the right direction.

If you take care of your character your reputation will take care of itself. Caring is a human element that cannot be duplicated by a machine!