Bridging the Gap Between the Generations

Don Polley is the founder and CEO of Don Polley and Associates. Don Polley and Associates is a firm that focuses on consulting with companies that have difficulties recruiting, engaging, and keeping millennials in their workforce.

There are many companies who are struggling with the challenge that Millennials represent. But becoming Millennial friendly is an opportunity for all companies. If your company is able to become millennial friendly, you will have an opportunity to attract the top talent from the new generation fast and more consistently than your competitors. Being millennial friendly is an investment in your company’s future.

We build too many walls and not enough bridges.
Sir Isaac newton

Don Polley, CEO and Founder

Over 35 years of working and leading in retail, sales, and manufacturing Don Polley returned to school to acquire a degree in Organizational Leadership. During his studies Don began to see the valley that existed between his generation, the boomers, and that of the Millennials. Don saw an opportunity to help both groups unite and serve companies in building a culture that would highlight the strengths and values of the inner customer in order to provide the best possible service to the external customer.
Don began to speak with his classmates, his contemporaries, millennials,  and doing research on this issue. It became very clear that there was a bridge to be built here. Don started Don Polley and Associates to help companies build bridge the gap and start to recruit, engage, and keep the very best millennials in their workforce.