Now We Know Where We Are Going…Begin

As we immerse ourselves into 2017 it is no longer a mystery that we need agile thinkers making decisions. There is a convergence of three pressing challenges facing leaders of today; generational diversity, the global economy, and the skills gap. Leaders are put to task as never before to be a leader that everyone looks up to in order to succeed!

The solution to solving the challenges faced in the digital age is equipping students with essentially 16 skills for success in the 21st Century. The basics are comprised of foundational literacies, translating to competencies, which build character qualities. Essentially we are dealing with lifelong learning in order to attain success and continuing to prosper in your chosen field of interest.

First students need to learn how to apply core skills to everyday tasks such as literacy, competency in math, scientific literacy, ICT literacy, financial literacy, and cultural and civic literacy. Parents need to be accountable to insure that their child’s schools are doing their part to teach students core competencies.

A solid culture of accountability begins at home and follows a student throughout their academic career including post-secondary. This way  when it is picked up in the workplace, it is not a new concept to present a challenge, but one to be embraced to build upon to a successful career.

Millennials are eager to learn and quite adept at doing so!

In essence what we are looking for in our leaders in the digital age are those that accept change become a continuous learner, take charge, cultivate relationships are prepared to mentor others in how to skill shift in order to keep up with the times.

It can be done but the confidence needed to enable one to be able to prosper in such an environment needs to begin in the home. With parents taking ownership of the future of their children. Once you learn how to properly address accountability the rest is just a natural progression towards success.